Access AutumnCare from your desktop to view resident records and complete tasks in full screen mode.
AutumnCare for desktop allows you to enjoy our entire product set in peak performance and also view information in optimal display and resolution.

In recent years AutumnCare has branched out to accommodate software access on a myriad of devices. AutumnCare’s care management system was however, originally designed for desktop use. This means you enjoy the advantages of a product refined by over 17 years of R&D in addition to customer feedback.

Access AutumnCare’s entire product range and all features. Perform care planning, documentation through to reporting and medication management.

AutumnCare desktop advantages:

  • Familiar Microsoft look and feel
  • Intuitive controls
  • Full, unrestricted functionality
  • Work offline. Access and document resident information without internet access. Information saves upon reconnection.
    Furthermore, this provides seamless uninterrupted workflow
  • Maximum use of screen real estate. Less scrolling than on mobile devices
  • Ideal for auditing and reporting. Large screen real estate in addition to the ability to tab between windows allows for easy data comparison

AutumnCare is suitable for all Windows based machines.