AutumnCare and Meaningful Ageing Australia are pleased to announce

the ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool is now available for use in AutumnCare.


The ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool

ConnecTo is a spiritual screening tool for use in a range of settings including residential, community and palliative care.

Developed by Dr. Julie Fletcher during Ph.D. research, ConnecTo was recently adapted by Meaningful Ageing Australia.

ConnecTo acknowledges that spirituality is not just about religion and that spirituality is expressed through connectedness in five domains.

ConnecTo invites older people to reflect on their connection with themselves, with others, with nature, with creativity, and with ‘something bigger’. 

For some people, connecting with these domains may be through religion.

The language of ConnecTo is easily accessible, assisting staff with even an introductory level of spiritual care training to engage with spirituality.

As a referral tool, ConnecTo provides a clear indication of the particular needs of the older person.


Use ConnecTo:

  • With people who have a cognitive impairment
  • As a conversation guide with proxies (family members as well as interpreters)
  • As a self-reflection tool for staff who are learning about spirituality and spiritual care


The Aged Care Quality Standards

Some examples of how this tool will assist you in demonstrating compliance under the new Aged Care Quality Standards:

  • Maintain an older person’s identity (1)
  • Support consumers to make choices (1)
  • Help older people to make connections with others (1) 
  • Promote emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being (4)
  • Promote empathy, compassion, and connection between the consumer and members of the workforce (4)
  • Information about the consumers’ needs and preferences is communicated within the organisation (4)
  • Optimise health and well-being (2, 3, 4)
  • Understands each persons’ needs, goals, and preferences (3, 4)
  • Optimise quality of life (4)
  • Help the consumer to access other services (4)
  • Creates a sense of belonging and safety (5, 6)
  • Have a workforce that is caring, respectful, embracing of each person’s identity, culture, and diversity (7)


Meaningful Ageing Australia

Meaningful Ageing Australia is the peak body for spiritual care and ageing.

A not for profit incorporated association, Meaningful Ageing Australia advocates for spiritual care to be included in all care settings.

They also provide practical resources to care organisations.

National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care were developed in partnership with Spiritual Health Victoria and the National Ageing Research Institute.

They provide training and resources for supporting organisations and groups in responding to the pastoral and spiritual needs of

  • Older people
  • Their significant others
  • Their carers

The ultimate aim is to promote holistic care inclusive of each person’s meaning, purpose, and connectedness.


Are you interesting in using the Spiritual Screening Tool?

Meaningful Ageing Australia members are entitled to a 10% discount on initial licence fees.

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ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool

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