AutumnCare integrates with a range of risk management, benchmarking and financial software systems.

These integrations are available now to clients who wish to integrate their AutumnCare clinical system with their other business applications for a more seamless workflow.

AutumnCare recognise that the majority of our clients use AutumnCare in conjunction with other business applications that are essential to business processes within a care facility. As such, our focus has been on developing integrations that will make it easier than ever to get the data you need from AutumnCare.

If your facility currently uses any of these software programs, you can now unify them with AutumnCare and eliminate double entry between programs. 

New Integrations 

We integrate with QPS, eQStats and RiskMan for the reporting and analysis of incidents, as well as the identification and mitigation of potential risks. 


Perform statistical analysis on infection, medication, resident or restraint incidents with forms that are exported directly from AutumnCare.


Evaluate incidents regarding either medication, falls or a specific resident.

Any time one of these assessments is updated within AutumnCare the corresponding form and answer within eQStats will also be updated.


Incident reports completed within AutumnCare are automatically exported to be completed within RiskMan, ensuring the thorough management of incidents involving infection, medication or resident.

Existing Integrations 

These integrations are not brand new, but are also available to our clients.

Epicor 7

Better manage your resident funding with our Epicor 7 integration.

If you use Epicor for your resident admissions these will import into AutumnCare. AutumnCare will then export ACFI scores and ratings to Epicor for your claiming needs.


AutumnCare also integrates with Inerva for clients who use this for their financial management.


AutumnCare’s OnceCare integration facilitates a single admission for each resident.

ACFI details can also be exported from AutumnCare into OneCare for your claiming needs.