AutumnCare provides an efficient, best practice clinical management system that empowers caregivers as well as management staff.

Our system incorporates reporting and dashboard tools that increase the visibility of key metrics that drive your business.

However, we understand that a range of software systems are required to manage a successful care organisation.

AutumnCare provides a range of interfaces to facilitate interoperability between your business tools.

Interfaces for a Fully Integrated Solution

Daily operations at an aged care facility centre around clinical care, but finances, catering, risk management and rostering must also be managed.

AutumnCare interfaces with software systems that manage these aspects of your business to provide you with a cohesive business environment. 

Interfacing enhances organisational oversight and eliminates double entry between systems.

It also reduces the manual labour required of managers to collate business intelligence across multiple platforms. 

AutumnCare interfaces with:

  • Interact
  • Epicor
  • One Care
  • Inerva
  • QPS
  • EQ Stats
  • Oscar
  • Chefmax
  • RiskMan
  • People Point


For medication management and administration, AutumnCare’s EMMS Medicate interfaces with:

  • MPS
  • MTS
  • Webstercare
  • FRED

Our list of integrations continues to grow as AutumnCare builds partnerships across the aged care industry and beyond.

If you’d like to know whether an integration between AutumnCare and one of your business tools is possible – get in touch today!