AutumnCare Family

Keeping families connected and engaged in the life and care of the resident

AutumnCare Family is a communication portal between family members and care staff.


Share updates with families in between visits, keeping them informed wherever they may be.

AutumnCare Family core benefits


Quicker turnaround of
signed care plans

Share information instantly

Personal information
kept safe and secure


Two way communicaton

Introduce an additional touchpoint

Organisation controlled access

Features include

  • Send care plan changes to families for electronic signing
  • Share medication profiles and medication changes
  • Send relevant progress notes to the family
  • Share photos of leisure activities, events and outings
  • Send messages and alerts
  • Share care plan items with the family

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AutumnCare Family

Our family communication portal allows care staff to send updates to the family members of residents at any time. Family members can view updates at their own convenience.

This helps to keep family involved and engaged in the delivery of care.


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