We are pleased to announce the launch of our new software release, AutumnCare 2019!

AutumnCare 2019 is designed to help users meet the unique challenges presented by the Aged Care Quality Standards. 

To assist clients we have enhanced the level of documentation surrounding consumer choice and outcomes.


AutumnCare 2019 Includes

Digital Signing of Agreed Care Plans

Staff, consumers and consumer representatives are able to digitally sign Agreed Care Plans. 

Changes made to the Agreed Care Plan can be signed at any time, supporting the consumer in their right to make daily choices. 

1:1 Care Plan Links

One to one care plan links have been introduced to facilitate risk assessment. 

Each risk assessment that is created is linked to an associated care plan.

This ensures that detailed information can be reviewed by staff regarding each risk the consumer wants to undertake. 

Automatic Care Plan Archival 

AutumnCare 2019 automatically archives a Care Plan when its associated assessment has been archived.

This ensures that staff are only ever referring to current Care Plans in the delivery of care.

Care Plan Filtering

With a larger quantity of care plans comes the need to be able to access the care plan you need quickly and easily.

Our new search filter allows staff to find specific care plans immediately using classifications or keywords.

This eliminates the time wasted by scrolling through data at the point of care. 

Mobile Access 

This release coincides with the release of AutumnCare’s first mobile app designed for carers. 

Care staff will now be able to access care records at the point of care for convenience and efficiency.

Read more about AutumnCare Mobile here.


Upgrade Your System

AutumnCare 2019 is available now to all clients. 

Contact our Support team to book your system upgrade. 

Alternatively, self-hosting customers can visit our Support site to access an upgrade guide as well as other resources. 

AutumnCare 2019

If you have any questions or wish to know more about what your upgrade entails, please contact us