Assessment and monitoring against the new Aged Care Quality Standards will commence from 1 July 2019.

What is AutumnCare doing about the new standards?

AutumnCare is currently working on changes to support the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

These changes will be provided to you in an upgrade to AutumnCare Connect v4.7 and Continuum v3.0. 

We will provide further updates over the coming months as these new releases become available.


Key changes will include


  • Residents will be known as consumers
  • Usual Care Needs will change to Agreed Care Needs
  • Care Plan will change to Agreed Care Plan (or similar)
  • Where needed, other terminology will change to align with the standards 

Care Planning

Privacy and Dignity

  • A new privacy preferences form will be made available, detailing preferences for various care domains e.g. knock and wait for permission before entering my room
  • A new Privacy Preferences care plan detailing the consumers’ wishes will be generated 
  • This is to be documented during the initial stages of entering the facility
  • Cultural and spiritual consumer preferences to also be documented during the initial stages of entering the facility 

Consumer Choice

  • Care plans can be updated/supplemented dynamically to comply with consumer choice

Agreed Care Plans 

  • Care plans must be Agreed Care Plans, that is, agreed by the consumer or their representative
  • Care plans will be able to be electronically signed by staff, consumers and representatives to provide evidence they are indeed Agreed Care Plans

Staff Access

  • Care plans will have a number of ways of being filtered for the information being sought by staff at any point in time 


  • Separation of care planning from ACFI submission details will occur while keeping both sets of information on the associated assessment

Risk Management 

  • Assessments will support staff in assessing each risk to maximise consumer choice
  • A risk assessment, as well as associated agreed care plans, will be available for each assessed risk 


For more information or to discuss the changes further please contact AutumnCare.

Aged Care Quality Standards

Source: Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website