Sarah Asher is a qualified counselor providing support services to the Perth community.

We’ve shared some information on her services of particular interest below.


Private Counselling 

Sarah specialises in Change Therapy and Grief Recovery.

She incorporates mind health and emotional being into each session to provide a holistic model of support. 

Sarah provides support to those navigating change or wanting to develop a life they love.


LightUP Group Workshops

A transformational workshop hosted in the comfort of your own home.

Build authentic relationships with up to ten of your friends or family.


Treasure Teens

Treasure Teens supports young people to develop a powerful mindset and positive mental wellness. 

It teaches students practical and effective strategies they can utilise daily to strength autonomy, confidence, resilience, and happiness. 

This program is delivered through school-based workshops for young people aged 12-18. 

Within 7 unique workshops, there is something for every school, year group, and student.


Community Engagement 

This service supports your team to develop a positive mindset.

It focuses on expanding emotional intelligence in order to thrive.

This platform is ideal for small businesses, NGO or corporate businesses.

The workshops are designed to increase staff engagement, happiness, and success through professional and personal development.

Visit Sarah’s website for more details as well as access to her free downloadable resources.

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