AutumnCare 4.6.1 is Available Now

We are pleased to announce our latest software upgrade AutumnCare 4.6.1 is now available.

Harmony clients are able to contact our Support team to schedule their upgrades now.

Upgrade documentation is available via our Support site to assist Enterprise clients in their upgrades.

Our Support team are also available to assist Enterprise clients as required.


4.6.1 Enhancements

We are continuing to introduce new features to ensure AutumnCare is simple and user-friendly. 

Alongside these features, performance optimisations are embedded into every AutumnCare software release. 4.6.1 is no exception.

Larger clients will be thrilled to see the huge reductions made to load times as well as the improvements made to Dashboard.


4.6.1 Modules

New AutumnCare Modules

Modules provider carers with quick access to common care tasks.

Each module reflects a feature commonly used for documentation throughout the day.


Mirrors a Carers Workflow

The modular display highlights the daily functionality required by a carer.

This drastically reduces the time staff spend navigating to different areas needed within the system.

Agency staff can also navigate through the system quickly without needing to be taught the ins and outs of the AutumnCare system on the fly.

Staff no longer need to familiarise themselves with the tree to locate functionality.

Locating resident profiles without using groups is also made easier. 


New Tools for Medication Management

As well as introducing Modules, 4.6.1 introduces some brand new medication management tools.

Phone orders, stock control and variable dose medications are now covered by AutumnCare's Medicate.


Upgrade Now 

Schedule your upgrade to AutumnCare 4.6.1 today.

To schedule your upgrade please email our Support teamYou can also phone 1800 422 472 to speak to someone directly.


Upgrades Enhance Your Business Operations

The quality of AutumnCare software improves with each new version that is released.

Each new release also introduces new features to make documentation easier and more efficient for care staff.

Ensuring your organisation is using the latest AutumnCare software is crucial to maximising the benefits of a clinical management system. 

We'll be posting articles on other new features as well as performance optimisations in the coming weeks!