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Electronic care planning, medication management, reporting, clinical analysis, mobile data entry and family communication in one fully integrated package.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by care providers in their search for an electronic care management system.

What is AutumnCare?

AutumnCare is a comprehensive clinical management solution. This reduces the administrative overhead for care staff, allowing them more time to spend with residents. The system also reinforces clinical best practice, risk management and aids in the demonstration of compliance.

Is AutumnCare a cloud based product?

AutumnCare has both a cloud-based and a self-hosted product offering to choose from.

Our cloud based product is managed and maintained by AutumnCare, allowing your staff to focus on the delivery of quality care.

Why is AutumnCare the superior choice?

Unlike app based products, AutumnCare is clinically comprehensive enough to support strong clinical governance, manage risk and report on all aspects of care.

AutumnCare also has offline functionality, a feature not offered by our browser based competitor systems. This ensures that users can continue to access and enter information in an outage, ensuring continuity of care.

How does AutumnCare help with compliance?

AutumnCare promotes compliance with inbuilt clinical best practice support and recommendations. 

Is AutumnCare easy to use?

Yes, AutumnCare is built by nurses for nurses, ensuring that the controls are intuitive and that the workflow mimics true to life work on the floor.

AutumnCare Mobile is particularly easy to use as it has been built for caregivers to use at the point of care. The interface is icon based, making it quick and simple to navigate. 

Explore our products

AutumnCare Medicate

AutumnCare Medicate is our comprehensive electronic medication administration record (eMAR). 

Manage, administer and reorder your medications from a system that is fully integrated with your care management system.

AutumnCare Family

Our family communication portal allows care staff to send updates to the family members of residents at any time. Family members can view updates at their own convenience.

This helps to keep family involved and engaged in the delivery of care.

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